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Pascal (Pat) Cucaro (1915-2004)

Oil on canvas, 16" X 8"

Price $275

A fine modernist painting by well known San Francisco artist, Pascal Cucaro, best known by just the name, "Cucaro". The painting is in pristine condition with no signs of damage or repairs, although a few minor scratches, etc. to the frame. The painting is signed, lower left, "Cucaro".

Cucaro was born in Youngstown, Ohio to Italian immigrants. He worked in the circus during his youth which became a primary influence on his art. After World Two, he studied at the California School of Fine Arts, then traveled to Europe to study on his own. He became a well known personality of the San Francisco art scene during the "Beat" years and painted prolifically, exhibiting at a number of galleries and book shops and clubs in the North Beach section on San Francisco.

Having met the artist on a few occasions, I believe this is a self portrait.